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Hidden Lenses For Playing Cards

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Playing Card Sooth Sayer

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Poker Cheat Contact Lens

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Hidden Lenses In Phone

Cheating Playing Cards

Cheating Playing Cards

Marked Cards

Marked Cards

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New K3 Analyzer


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There are huge number companies offering various cheating playing cards devices in Gujarat but what makes us different is our latest cheating playing cards technology and features that we have installed in our devices to make it more powerful one. Playing cards games that were played in old times was very simple and at that time there were not any special playing cards cheating tricks or devices used as the technology was not that developed like now. But in today’s world the gambling playing cards games are very much competitive and you need to have updated tri0cks and techniques for winning all the playing cards heating games. Thus we have come up with our latest devices for spy cheating playing cards in Gujarat to make you a proprietor of oodles of money within a very short span of time.

The best playing cards poker cheating devices

We have a large set of various cheating marked playing cards devices in Gujarat such as Marked Deck of Playing Cards, Playing cards invisible contact lenses, invisible ink playing cards, new K3 analyzer, playing cards soothsayer, CFL light playing cards devices, GSM Neckloop, CVK 500, 600, 700 poker analyzer and much more. All these devices are applicable in any poker playing cards games played whether in Casinos, Bars, Pubs, Hotels, etc. our device works according to your needs and requirements. We put the best software and technology in it so that it can make you win in any playing poker cards games without spending much effort and money for playing the games. All these devices are effective in any playing cards games such as Andar-Bahar, Maang-Patta, Khich-Patta, Rummy, Blackjack, Splash, Spades, Hearts, Texas, Mau-Mau, Katti, Teen-Patti, Omaha, Poker, Bull, etc and you can easily apply your latest cheating marked playing cards tricks on your opponents without giving them any clue about it.

Features of CFL light cheating playing cards device

• This device is applicable in any playing cards games.

• The device ranges 8 meters distance from its placement.

• Can be placed anywhere in the room.

• There is a hidden lens inside the room that can scan all the numbers, suits, codes, colors of marked playing cards.

• You can connect the device to your laptop or mobile phones and monitor all the information about the cards and inform your partner via some vibrating device.

• The device is very latest and you cannot get it other than our website or spy cheating playing cards shops in Gujarat.

• Because of the elegant and ordinary looks it can be placed anywhere in the room.

Unbox deal of cheating playing cards for getting all round victory Action India Home Products is the leading company in the Indian market for providing the best cheating marked playing cards devices in Gujarat. We are the trustworthy company as we do not compromise with our quality. We use the best effort to make the best playing cards cheating devices in Gujarat that can give you ultimate victory in any given poker playing cards games. We always pass the quality check so that you can get the best products. If you are thinking of your low budget then do not worry. Buy online our latest marked heating playing cards devices at lowest and reasonable price rates. We have made our device prices very affordable to you because we know that how much you are concerned about it.


1. Which is the best device for playing cards games?

Ans: Our all cheating playing cards devices are the best for getting a victory in playing cards games.

2. Are these cheating playing card devices easy to use?

Ans: Yes, all our devices are very simple to operate and convenient to use.

3. How to mark on the cards?

Ans: To mark on the cards use our latest invisible ink that is made on latest luminous technology.

4. Are these devices applicable to all casino games?

Ans: This is very common question that whether our devices are applicable in casinos or not. Yes our devices are applicable anywhere and in any playing cards games.