GSM Neckloop


The GSM Neckloop is called audio-frequency induction loops and hidden loops. The Loops carry basement audio-frequency currents which allows the sound and voice, that can be heard via headphones and earpiece. While plying gambling game, players can use the GSM Necloop for a hidden and two way communication through the mobile phone.The GSM Neckloop in India is available online and offline at spy stores.
The device will help to receive the desired information about the suites and codes of the playing card and thus the player can play any game of gambling easily and win it. The GSM Neckloop In Delhi available with reputed dealers and manufacturers at the best price.
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  • The device is user friendly.
  • The GSM loops provides wireless connection to the earpiece or hearing aid.
  • The device is ideal for hands-free cell phone communication.
  • The device is small, light weight,easy and comfortable for a long time
  • It allows voice dialing (needs cell phone provider support)
  • Battery Backup- 8 Hours talking time and standby time 150 hours.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • It will indicate cool blue light.
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