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New K3 Analyzer


New K3 Analyser is the latest addition in the list of playing card cheating devices. It is an all-in-one poker analyzer, the device is also known as poker soothsayer and poker predictor. It is a cheating tool that attaches analyzer and camera lens in a respective mobile phone.
While playing the poker game, players have to just turn the power and set the rules of the game, then the device is placed on the table, the lens should be positioned in such a way that it see the marks from the back of the playing cheating cards. The player will instantly get to know about the suit, before the card is served to the player. The device can be used all the gambling games. The New K3 Analyser in India is available online and offline at spy stores.
After using the tool the player will ultimately win the respective game, that too without creating any suspicion among the other players. The device can also be used as a mobile phone. The analyzer can send and receive the text messages. It can be connected via WI-FI, Bluetooth . The user can use the device to download games and to listen music and videos. The New K3 Analyser in Delhi is available with reputed dealers and manufacturers at the best price.
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  • The device reports the information about the playing card instantly.
  • The device is user friendly and there is no need to set the code every time.
  • The device has inbuilt camera also.
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