Wireless Mini Earphone


The mini wireless Earphone is small earpiece which is connected with the mobile phone and other gadgets like Mp3 player and etc via Bluetooth. The earpiece is small, and resembles with the skin color. The device is inserted within the ear buds, so that the player can hear the information about the respective playing card secretly.
A player has to pair the respective device to device, with which it is compatible . After pairing both the sets, the player can hear the voice of the other person, who is guiding him about the game and giving the details related to the playing cards and moves. The wireless Mini Earphone in India is available online and offline at spy stores.
The voice received by the device is clear, without any noise. The device is ideal for hidden conversation and by using it the player will win the game. The wireless mini earphone is also used by journalist, reporters, stringers and investigators. The Wireless Mini Earphone in Delhi is available with reputed dealers and manufacturers at the best price.
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  • The Earphone with inductive loop can be used with mobile phone, radio telephones, and other medium which allows two-way-communication.
  • The device can also be used to play sound, by using portable sound player and MP3 player, a Dictaphone and etc.
  • Size:5*7*10mm
  • Shape: Anatomical shape
  • Battery Backup: 15 hrs
  • Interference : < 2%
  • Receiver Type: Magnetic/ Analogue
  • Maximum volume: 110Db
  • Battery : Sony sr416sw/337
  • Package Size: 35.0*50.0*45.0 (cm)
  • Approved: CE/ FCC
  • Assured, one year warranty
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