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Hidden Lens In Mobile Phone


The lens is built in the respective mobile phone. The function of the hidden lens is to report the numbers and the suit of the playing cards in fraction of the second, so the player will instantly come to know about the suit and numbers of the cards that are served to him. Like smooth sayer it scans, even the minute detail of the playing card, which is necessary for the player in order to win the game. Hidden Lens for Mobile Phone in India are available online and offline at spy stores.
The numbers are reported through the headphone or the Bluetooth earpiece. The player can fix the lens in the wrist watch, wrist band or in a belt. The device is user friendly. The Hidden Lens in Mobile Phone in Delhi are available with the reputed dealers and the manufacturers at the best price.
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  • The Hidden Lens in Mobile Phone can be used for winning all the games of gambling.
  • To receive the information about the playing cards use headphones. The player can also use smoothsayer along with the lens to know about, how to beat out the color.
  • The lens are compatible with all types of the mobile phone. The player can also use same mobile phone calls and text messages.
  • There is no need of putting the poker in the fixed direction.
  • The accessories of the device are pair of wireless plugs, a charger, cell phone batteries.
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