New Shirt Playing Cards Device


Are you fascinated over various types of playing card games? Unluckily, you lost all of them. Now you can win every game of playing cards like Poker, Teen-Patti, Blackjack, Flash, Rumi and others. Action India Home Products has brought an amazing cheating device for lovers of playing card games. New Playing Cards Shirt Device is a device which in combination with short-sleeves shirt and mini hidden camera works efficiently. The mini camera hidden inside the sleeves has an analyzer. The analyzer is kept in front of edge marked cards and it will automatically scan all the cards within seconds. Further, it will send the suit and number of each card on the analyzer. Therefore, before the start of the game you will hear the value of each card through earphones.

People can play New Playing Cards Shirt Device in a room where there is no light. As its HD quality lens works in a dark room also. Thus, you can become wealthy by using this device. The device has become popular in casinos. You could also be a good cheater while gambling and keep amused to your opponents or friends.

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