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The Hidden Lenses are similar to the contact lens which are generally worn in the eyes to cure the eye defect. But soft contact lens has different feature, after wearing these lenses the player is able to see the marks, codes, numbers, suits on the back of the specially designed spy cheating playing cards( from the range of 30-40 cm) before they are served to them, obviously the other players cannot see these numbers. The Hidden lenses for various items in India are available online and offline at spy stores.
The exclusive marks on the marked playing cards are printed with invisible inks, therefore these motifs (marks) can be seen through contact lenses and not by naked eyes. The marked cards are designed with the latest technology of the luminous mark. The technology is specially used for marking on the colored cards. This technique is more advanced as compared to other regular juice shadow marks. The Hidden lens for various items in Faridabad are available with leading manufacturers and dealers of the spy playing cheating cards at the best price.
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  • The hidden lens can be used for playing all games of gambling like Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas Poker and etc.
  • The soft contact lens is user friendly, and it will not cause any harm to the eyes of the player.
  • The marks are printed with invisible ink which can be seen through soft contact lenses only and not by naked eyes.
  • Perspective Prinipal: WhiteM
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Action India Home Products is the Best Dealers of Poker Cheat Contact Lens in Faridabad India which Helps to Cheat in Playing Cards Game. A Person who Wear this Contact Lens in the Eyes who can easily see the marks was printed at the Back of Playing Cards but it cannot be easily seen by naked eye because these marks was Printed with Invisible Ink and it Can Only See by Contact Lens and Maximum Range to See these marks is 30-40cm. We Have Huge Collection of Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Our Spy Cards Shop in Faridabad at Affordable Price, We Deals in Hidden Lens for Playing Cards, Playing Card Soothsayer Machine, Contact Lens for Cheating Playing Cards, Hidden Lens in Mobile Phone, Spy Cheating Playing Cards, Marked Cheating Playing Cards, New K3 Analyzer, Spy Bluetooth Gsm Neckloop, Spy Wireless Mini Earphone, Contact Lens for Poker Cheating in Faridabad with Free Cash on Delivery. Our Customer Support Executive are Available 24*7 to Helps Our Customers and Provide Free Demo That Helps to Understand How to Use These Device. You Can Buy Poker Contact Lens from Our Online Store or Showroom in India.